Workhorse meeting with USPS about lost mail truck bid

Workhorse meeting with USPS about lost mail truck bid

The Oshkosh-designed mail truck. The new fleet will only be 10 percent electric, though the vehicles can supposedly be converted. | Image: USPS

Commercial EV startup Workhorse will have a “face-to-face” with the United States Post Office on March 3rd to find out more about the agency’s decision to have defense manufacturer Oshkosh build the new fleet of mail trucks. Workhorse was the last remaining bidder pitching to build an all-electric fleet, an idea that President Biden supported with an executive order shortly after he took office.

“This is not the result we had anticipated or hoped for,” CEO Duane Hughes said on a conference call Monday morning following the release of Workhorses financial results for 2020. “To be clear, we intend to explore all avenues that are available to us.”

Asked about the meeting, USPS spokesperson Kim Frum said she has “no information I am able to…

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