Workhorse is already redesigning its new electric van

Workhorse is already redesigning its new electric van

Image: Workhorse

Ohio-based startup Workhorse says it has to redesign its flagship electric van to meet customer needs, after finally getting the vehicle into production this past quarter following years of struggles.

The company announced Monday morningthat it needs to “revise the design [of] the vehicle” to increase the payload capacity, which has been reported to bearound 6,000 pounds. The C-1000 van, as it’s called, has 1,000 cubic feet of cargo space. The company says the electric powertrain will remain untouched and that it will continue to deliver some C-1000s as they come off the line to customers who are fine with the van’s current capabilities.

“We’re going to go through full vehicle design reviews down to the bill of materials with both our…

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