Women, Gym Anxiety and How To Overcome It

Women, Gym Anxiety and How To Overcome It

Many women suffer from making fitness a consistent part of there life, not due to lack of motivation or being lazy but merely due to the gym anxiety that comes with joining and going to a public gym daily. We came up with a couple of tips for you to go into the gym with confidence and get what you need to, done!

1. Know before you go
Research the gym you are thinking about joining, take a visit if possible. Visiting the gym and getting to know the trainers can lessen the stress when you start working out in a new, unfamiliar environment. Some gyms offer classes, try taking a class before you commit and get an idea of the situation.

2. Let go of the expectation
If you have not worked out in a while or if this is the first time joining a gym, go in with no made up ideas of how you think it should be. Embrace where you are today if you enter the situation with unrealistic expectations you will be met with fear or failure and be defeated before you even start.

3. Positive thoughts, positive mind
Fear can arise when we’re not feeling worthy; sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Try daily mantras and word of affirmation. Mental training is just as necessary as physical training.

4. Do it anyway
View fear as apart of the process and don’t; let it run your life. Know that although you might have a fear of joining a gym, you will not combust when it happens, you will be okay

It takes bravery to decide to take control of your life and health; you might have to walk during your run or stop and catch your breath this is okay! Focus on your end goal not the process.