Women-Owned Businesses Everyone Should Know About

Women-Owned Businesses Everyone Should Know About

The start of fall brings crisp temperatures, warm beverages, and the perfect opportunity to support women-owned small businesses. October is National Women’s Small Business Month, a campaign started to raise awareness and support women entrepreneurs in the United States. Since the late nineties, the number of women-owned businesses has continued to grow, creating a space in the market for everything from shaving cream to solid gold rings. With only a few days of October left to celebrate, here are a few of the coolest women-owned businesses you can support:

Fanm Djanm

Paola Mathe is the mother of the headwrap and lifestyle brand Famn Djanm (translation: strong woman). Mathe’s passion project soon turned into a collective of women seeking a sense of community and understanding. Her array of earthy fabric patterns tell a story of generations past and present, placing Mathe’s Haitian heritage at the forefront. Famn Djamn headwraps are sleek, chic, and a staple in every woman’s closet.



Founded in 2017, Billie is revolutionizing the way female body hair is viewed in society. As the first female-focused shaving company, Billie encourages the power of choice: the choice of when, why, and how a woman styles her body hair. On a less radical note, Billie offers a rebate program to refund part of the extra money women have been spending on fluffy, pink, man-made razors. Destroy the patriarchy with super smooth legs at the same time? We’re in.


Beauty Blender

The most beloved catch-all makeup tool of the past decade has undergone a few makeovers of its own in recent years. New mini and blusher versions have joined the family alongside the original sponge, as well as new colors to match your every mood. This is the perfect tool for makeup newbies who can’t keep up with more than two brushes, as well as the seasoned pro who looks like they’ve stepped off the cover of a magazine. It’s no wonder why Allure named this one of the Best of Beauty products of 2018.


Snash Jewelry

Tucked away somewhere in NYC is the home of one of the most wonderfully rebellious jewelry companies known to woman. Snash Jewelry is attitude-filled jewelry for the modern girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Their stackable rings broadcast some of the most relatable #moods in brass, sterling silver, and solid gold. Or, go for the earrings if you’re feeling a bit more reserved. Either way, who could resist a pocket knife necklace?



Some people enjoy surprises, most people enjoy presents; Birchbox combines these two elements to form the best beauty subscription box on the market right now (seriously, they always seem to know what I need before I do). After a series of personal questions about hair type and preexisting skin care routines, Birchbox magically delivers a box to your front door with all the products you need to survive until the next one comes. With month-to-month, six month, and year-long subscription packages that are all super affordable, there’s hardly any excuse not to treat yo’ self.


Radical Dreams

The best advice I ever received was that accessories make the outfit, and what’s a better way to accessorize than with educational and fashionable pieces? Pins are making a comeback in a big way, and Radical Dreams is changing the game by creating pins that represent Black culture, figures, and political movements. Need a midday pick-me-up? Let Auntie Maxine remind you that a strong black woman cannot be intimidated. Wishing you were back on vacation? Your Wakanda souvenir pin will remind you of happy times. It’s clear that investing your money in Black woman-owned businesses is a win-win situation.  



Glossier makes makeup for the anti-makeup person, and you can’t help but love it. Their wide range of products include something for every occasion, and the bubble wrap packaging they come in can double as a clutch if needed (a cute one, too).  Glossier’s title “a beauty brand inspired by real life” is way more than a catchy tag-line, they truly practice what they preach. No amount of acne, rosacea, discoloration, or unruly eyebrow hairs could stop Glossier products from making you feel absolutely beautiful.


Ronit Furst Eyewear

Instead of (or possibly in addition to) champagne, Ronit Furst chose to celebrate the new millennium with a pair of custom glasses. Nearly twenty years later, these custom frames are still as modern as the first pair that was created. Furst’s artistic eyewear cannot be undermined by the idea that certain colors don’t match; instead, it encourages the wearer to embrace their creative side and live life colorfully. These funky, lightweight frames could spice up even the most boring wardrobe. (You should probably prepare for all the compliments you’re going to get in these.)


Photo by: Unsplash.com