Why is the old Apple TV HD still so expensive?

Why is the old Apple TV HD still so expensive?

Image: Apple

Apple refreshed its Apple TV 4K streaming box today with upgraded specs and, perhaps most importantly, a redesigned, simpler Siri remote. When the new device ships in late May, it’ll cost the same price as before: $179 for a 32GB unit or $199 for 64GB. (Sidenote: I’ve yet to meet anyone who has needed the higher storage option on any Apple TV.)

But along with the new Apple TV 4K and improved remote — you can buy it standalone — it turns out Apple is keeping the ancient 2015 Apple TV HD around. And for some reason, it still costs the same $149. I just… I don’t get it.

How was this not the moment to slash the price to something more reasonable? Something closer to competitive?

The price discrepancy between Apple TV 4K and 4K streamers…

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