What Is Holding Women Back from Bagging Entrepreneurial Success

What Is Holding Women Back from Bagging Entrepreneurial Success

We are living in an era when women have proved their capabilities equal to men in every domain we can name. When it comes to entrepreneurship, we find a lot of brave initiatives from women. For a question on successful qualities that make women succeed as entrepreneurs, we can list talent, intelligence, beauty, socializing skills and money. Generally, we tend to conclude that those women who are gifted with all this will certainly be successful in entrepreneurship. Surprisingly, many of those women who have all of them are also found struggling to make their way forward. Hence, we need to figure out the other causes that are preventing women from bagging entrepreneurial success.

The two big factors

In a number of cases, we do find women who can make fantastic entrepreneurs are kept back. This could be lack of confidence. In some cases, they are seen unable or unwilling to follow through. Experts say confidence and follow-through are two big factors that are vital for entrepreneurial success.

The topic of ‘confidence in women entrepreneurs’

‘Females falling short of confidence’ is widespread and noticed even among some of the most prominent women. In her exceptionally written book titled ‘Prince Charming Isn’t Coming’, Barbara Stanny talks about something called ‘The Bag Lady Syndrome’. This is all about the widespread and lingering fear in a majority of women including those making a fat income that they might lose everything and turn into bag ladies. Very interestingly, Stanny brings out that this fear does not pertain to losing money, but only to losing power.

When self-confidence is shaken, chances are less for one to pursue their magnificent goals. Such people are seen slowing down on pushing themselves through the higher goals they have set. In other words, they can never keep up the promises they have made to themselves. The quality that can make you keep up your promises is your sense of self-worth. This is a crucial quality required for following through. The ability to follow through is the habit of making promises and keeping them to oneself.

Talking about entrepreneurship, a lot of women have big ideas on what can work well in today’s market. In fact, most of those ideas are great and practicable. Nevertheless, they are unable to be successful since they do not do what they tell they wish to do. Most women find a lot of excuses for not pursuing their goals at once. Delays and drops are very common for most women who lack self-confidence. When the list of excuses is found growing, many women never end up committing themselves to serious action.

The topic of ‘not following through and women entrepreneurs

There is a big hazard associated with not following through. For instance, every time find some excuses for not following up something, you lose some amount of trust you have to yourself. Also, the small promises that you make to others and then eventually break being unable to fulfil due to some reason can chip away at you. You will start valuing yourself a bit lesser since you find in you a pattern of not willing to keep the word you give. In addition, the inability to keep up your promise to others ends up damaging your relationship with the concerned individuals.

A way out from this shortcoming

Relating these qualities of making excuses and not following through to the domain of entrepreneurship, we need to work out the remedies that will prevent the failure to launch. Here we discuss three tactics that can help end this damaging habit.

Do not make any promises that are beyond your capacity to fulfil

Explore inside your personality to find out what forces you from within to make promises. In most cases, no one wants to make and break promises as it will amount to tying oneself to some obligations. In fact, this is an unnecessary situation one can create for themselves. The result is the inability to follow through. Hence it is necessary that you do not make fulfilling your promises completely non-negotiable.

Never be overconfident to announce to the world that you will complete something well ahead of time

Accountability is a necessary quality you must develop. However, this must not happen at the cost of making you act over-confident. In fact, most times, publicising your intention can give you the similar feeling of actually delivering on your promise. If making promises pays you off emotionally, you might not be forced from within to follow through on your promises as you would be satisfied thinking you already got the reward.

It is therefore very important to keep a watch on your goals and dreams. Confide only in a handful of people who you believe will support you. Tell them the truth and stay focused. From the point of view of other people, it is all just business. A famous proverb says, “Don’t tell me what you’re going to do; tell me how you did it.”

Make a little progress every day that will prevent you from stepping back

You must not end up giving up or seriously lagging behind when it comes to action and performance. This is very much true in business. When you take small steps regularly on a daily basis, it is not that easy to walk away from the direction of your efforts. Hence it is not advisable to make some promises now and waiting for some other time to act on it. In other words, reduce the gap between your decision and the outcome to enable you to deliver your promises.

The way to avoid not being able to follow something through is nothing other than following through. The fact that you have made promises must be an incentive good enough to keep you working on it.