You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, blissful women and men diving in the waters of the Maldives, hopping on a plane to Paris, France for their next adventure or hiking through the bush in Australia and finding some other-worldly species of animal. We often look at these in envy while we are sitting at home and overusing the hashtag, #lifegoals for every single picture. Yes, more often than not, those are travel bloggers. Figuring out why this concept is being explored by young people shouldn’t be a hard task, it is truly “the life”. But, for the purpose of this article, let’s explore the ends and outs of this amazing, unique job that seems to be taking the blogging world by storm.

Anyone can call themselves a travel blogger or start writing a blog, but to hold the title as a professional travel blogger, there are some stipulations. A travel blogger is an individual who travels to destinations around the world and blogs about his or her experiences through their chosen forum, either through their own website or already existing platform i.e Tumblr. Blogging may include writing, taking photos, or video recording that is viewed by the travel bloggers audience. The audience is the key to be a professional blogger. A large audience means that you are generating revenue and have an actual income that you could live off of. In order to gain that audience, “you’ll need to provide something more useful. Budget travel tips, food recommendations, details on what to do or where to stay, photography inspiration…etc.” (Expert Vagabond). You want people to add your blog to their favorites or bookmark your page to revisit over and over again and they trust what you are putting out. Information is important, but let’s be honest, folks like to be entertained as well. So, you jumping out of that airplane in Abu Daubi might help a little with increasing your followers and viewership. Being savvy at social media helps as well. Posting to the major networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will increase traffic to your actual blog. As travel bloggers gain popularity, you may see a few of them in local newspapers or even see their faces on major channels (i.e The Weather Channel, Animal Planet) because the blogger’s audience will watch. It may seem like a fun adventure all the time, but it’s a lot of play and an equal amount of work if you want to earn some real coins.

Young people’s obsession with social media may be to blame for the influx of them being drawn to such a lifestyle. The first thought that comes to mind is the idea of making money while traveling or having fun. The illusion of instant gratification and experiences has overtaken the era of traditional American life. Before social media, the vast majority of people didn’t think travel blogging was a viable source of income or even know it existed. The amount of successful travel blogger stories we have seen has started to permeate the culture and become a mainstay. Young people have also embraced the idea of entrepreneurship and straying away from the traditional aspects of a 9-5 job. The definition of a job has expanded beyond anything that we have seen in the last couple of decades, inspiring a new generation. There is a new wave of content creators and people willing to explore the world around them while also being able to make a living wage. It’s a hard deal to pass up and in the world of influencers, young people are flocking to become professional travel bloggers.


Travel blogging can be an experience of a lifetime if done right. As its popularity grows, there are endless possibilities to where it could go.