WandaVision finale: where do we go from here?

WandaVision finale: where do we go from here?

Eight weeks and nine episodes later, WandaVisionhas come to an end. It may not have delivered the bang some fans were expecting, but there is still plenty of story that WandaVision sets up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase.

Before we get into that, the biggest question is whether WandaVision nailed the ending. Like too many third acts within the MCU, big, splashy CGI fights in lieu of more nuanced storytelling can sometimes get in the way of providing a satisfying, emotional closure for fans. At the same time, WandaVision never lost sight of the story it wanted to tell, the show it wanted to be, and the finale does a mostly decent job of hitting those final notes.

Sure, there are some rushed sequences and scenes compacted…

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