Turn your blog into a business

Turn your blog into a business

You might start a blog either to promote your business or as a hobby. Nevertheless, very few are aware that starting a blog is just like starting a business. Whether you run a blog or a vlog, there are easy and interesting ways to turn your blog into a source of attractive income. Here is what you must know about how to generate money from your blog.

Three types of blogs

Some serious kind of bloggers just wishes to write. There are highly interesting topics for blogging. Even though some people start blogs as a casual hobby, they succeed in the long run. Some successful bloggers even quit their regular jobs and become full-time bloggers as a systematically planned blogging gets them more returns on their investment than what they can earn from jobs. The key is to write about those topics you are passionate about.

  1. Traditional blogs

Traditional blogs depend on content published on it. When a blog exists for a long time, more traffic ensues only from direct searches which are more reliable. However, when it comes to engaging the core readers and also find some new ones, it is always good to make the good use of social media. Networking like creating relationships with other bloggers can be of great help to grow your blog as it can bring you collaborations and incoming links paving the way to building the credibility and traffic.

  1. Photoblogs

In today’s digital world, content is fast becoming increasingly visual.  Photoblog can engage your target audience effectively. Photoblogs can also have words along with images like captions or words that can complement the pictures posted. But the pages are lined up more with images than words.

Galova and Sedlacik who champion the design studio Crea Crea say, “We wanted to have something that would document our travels, almost like a diary, so if we looked back, we’d know exactly where we were.” Now they are doing amazingly great with 33,000 followers on Instagram.

Consistency is the key to pave way for the success of your photo blog. If you have embarked on a concept, keep working on it. It is not practical to expect visitors overnight.

  1. Vlogs

Vlogs described as Video blogs let you share your concepts through videos. In most cases, they are about yourself. Millions of vloggers are thriving there on YouTube. Emelyne Behr who vlogs on recipes, beauty tips, and baking tips has over 160,000 followers on her YouTube channel SweetEmelyne’s. By pairing up the two platforms, she is able to grow her connections in a great way. She too promotes her content on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She makes a creative use of these forums to remind her audience to check out her content. She advises vloggers, “Be yourself. By creating videos that excite you and express your talents and passion, you stand out. In addition, you’re able to engage with your audience and enjoy the process.” 

Expert tips from successful bloggers to succeed in your blogging mission

Do not wait to start

Never let your obsession with perfectionism hold you back. Just jump in and start blogging. As you keep moving with your blogging mission, you can always improve, fine-tune your contributions and learn many new things.

Focus on three key aspects

It can take a lot of time to grow your blog. Nevertheless, focusing on three key aspects can help make your blog do well: Google, your readers, and your industry niche. When your content helps your readers solve the difficulties they face, they are going to like your content. Every time they needed a writer, they will naturally think of you. Pick up a good set of SEO tips to optimize your blogs and Google will start loving your content. When you have more readers, you will find more business.

Invest in a smart way

Writing online can be an overwhelming experience especially when you are not clear about how to invest the funds effectively. Though there are a lot of courses, tools, conferences, and websites to tell you more on this topic, know that many of the ideas you get from them can be a wasteful investment. Pick up only smart ideas to invest. When it comes to getting a professional design for your site, never think back. You can also invest in courses to build your knowledge and win your community support. When you invest in conferences, you can get in touch with the blogging community, writers and a lot of business owners.

Ways to turn your blogging hobby into a business

Produce great content consistently

Content is going to be the fuel that will drive your blog. Keep adding high-quality content again and again over a period of time in order for people to discover your blog, get more new readers and to get a lot of backlinks. Your dream must be to land on the first page of Google. The online demand for quality content has never diminished with the changes brought in by time.

Find ways to promote your content

Though the Internet has billions of users, only a very small percentage of them are your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Promoting your content is crucial to see that your content succeeds. For a successful online content promotion, you must depend on three tools including social media, SEO, outreach, and email marketing.   


Once you have a great website and a quality content that can engage your audience and that you have discovered ways to promote it, you are ready to monetize your site in three ways including affiliate ads, display and click ads and your own services and products.

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