This Decades Women Food Inventors

This Decades Women Food Inventors

Food can feed the soul or the stomach, depending on which way you look at it, but inventors have been making it their playground for decades. From the fruit roll up to the invention of bread, individuals have created some of the most iconic staples in the food community. Some entrepreneurial women inventors have made their mark in the past few years by redefining what food can be. Their work is an inspiration to those who see food beyond its limitations and want to make it a medium to change the world.

Remember this name, LOLIWARE. This environmentally conscious product has made major waves since its premiere on the popular show, Shark Tank. Leigh Ann Tucker and Chelsea Briganti marketed the products as edible, biodegradable tableware. Yes, that’s right; you can use the tableware to eat and drink out of and then once you’re done, go ahead and consume them. Leigh and Chelsea made it a point to highlight LOLIWARE’s mission to reduce plastic waste and create a sustainable future. The material used may be familiar to some as “the industrial designers experimented with gelatin and discovered its translucent, moldable, edible and biodegradable properties” (The Balance). The company is still focusing on cups for now, but straws will be the next venture the founders will undertake. The goal is to eventually have an array of tableware choices for consumers to pick from.

The next inventor proves that the industry knows no age, just great ideas. Alina Morse created Good For Your Teeth Lollipops after a bank teller offered her a sugary sucker in which she asked her dad “Dad, why can’t we make a Lollipop that is good for your teeth”? With the help of her father and a great team, they were able to create Zollipops. “Together, they found the best possible ingredients and experimented with different flavors to create a lollipop that delivers a healthy pH level to the eater’s mouth and leaves the teeth feeling clean and refreshed” (The Balance). Solving a problem is one of the first steps in innovation and just by asking a simple question, Alina was able to create a product that will be a great alternative to the ordinary sucker. She can tap into healthcare markets, while also maintaining the consumers who love a great snack.

Speaking of a great snack, the next inventor took something that you probably eat all the time and made it into an easily consumable package. Brownie Brittle, created by Sheila G. Mains, was the idea of “turning that extra crunchy edge from her brownie batches into a crunchy snack” (The Balance). The brand has caught the attention of some major power players in the health-conscious sphere. Weight Watchers endorsed the brownie bites, considering their platform is to eat what you want but in moderation. This alternative presents a healthier way of consuming chocolate for those who have a mean sweet tooth. Mains’ products can be found in thousands of stores globally, so keep a lookout for this creative snack.


These food inventors, among many others, are making an astounding impact on the environment, healthcare and just plain old’ good eats. The future looks bright for these brands as their inventions carry with it a passion to make things a little better for consumers.