Believe it or not, information and education are hard to come by. Everyone doesn’t have the means or money for higher education; data can be skewed without the proper factual channels, or for others, it just isn’t the main priority. The truth is if you want to be successful, there should never be a time where you stop having the desire to learn. As we have seen through the media, society is going through some significant social changes and figuring out where you factor in can be an overwhelming task. In the 21st century, things are rapidly becoming more advanced, and new information is coming at you in all directions. PlusAcumen wants to solve the information overload by “providing anyone, anywhere the skills and community to drive social change” all in one location.  

Never heard of PlusAcumen? Well, the organization “offers world-class online courses that empower you to think differently, learn collaboratively and join a global community of learners and doers with a burning desire to change the world” (PlusAcumen). Upon entering their website, you can browse courses that are either free or reasonably priced covering main topics such as leadership, marketing, and social entrepreneurship. After browsing, click on the course that catches your attention and you are directed to another page, which gives an overview of what to expect. Many experts in the field head the courses, each providing pertinent information on how to succeed. For example, in “Crash Course for New Managers,” industry insiders will teach you how to lead, how to hold tough conversations and how to give constructive feedback. On the same page, you can get to know the instructors and also see what others have to say who have already taken the course. When you have completed your research, click on “enroll now” at the bottom of the screen and start your journey. Another important aspect of PlusAcumen is their “Community” page in the About Us section. Having personal aspirations is excellent, but when that knowledge is spread across communities, it’s even more beneficial. You will have the opportunity to become a mentor for current students, first initiatives, and get more involved in philanthropic ventures; the possibilities are endless.

On January 22, 2019, PlusAcumen is offering three team-based courses and a live learning lab for free to those interested. The classes are as follows: Introduction to Human-Centered Design, Systems Practice, and Social Entrepreneurship 101. The live learning lab instructor will be the co-founder and co-director of Social Impact Programs which Moves the Needle, Heather Hiscox. Her lecture will consist of the five E’s of Lean Innovation: Expose, Empathy, Exploration, Experimentation, and Evidence. This will be an excellent start to learning some new objectives and also seeing what the courses consist of. Since the date is coming up quickly, make sure to register as soon as possible, especially for the learning lab as it is limited to 500 attendees.

Taking advantage of these opportunities to expand your knowledge of specific topics can significantly improve your career but also your mark on the world.