The office essentials women need

The office essentials women need

Present yourself confidently, and to work efficiently you will have to follow some codes and depend on a few essentials. Here is a short list of office essentials for women for a smart professional life.

Impressive dress

Your clothes can speak volumes about your work ethics, Mary Lou Andre, fashion consultant and author of Ready to Wear says, “Whether it’s fair or not, people size you up by what you wear.”  The right kind of dress can help anyone create the best impression. Andre says, “Dressing appropriately shows respect for your coworkers and puts everyone at ease.” Also, stating that how you dress can say to others how serious you are about work, she notes, “Don’t dress for the job you have; Dress for the job you want.”

Here is a good idea to equipping your wardrobe in the right way. Being able to invest in professional looking dress need not cost a fortune for you. Save money on those items that you will only wear infrequently. Invest this saving in buying a few remarkable pieces that can last for longer too.

Also, it is important to ensure that your clothing fits your professional image more closely than they fit on your body. Remember you are at the office to work.  Andre warns, “More skin equals less power”. At the same time, to bring in some element of freedom, follow the 80/20 rule which means keeping 80 percent of your outfit standard and having some fun with the remaining 20 percent.

Desk sweater

Keeping yourself warm at work can be a big challenge many times. If possible, dress in layers. If it is hard at times, go for pants during winters. If you will still feel freezing and shivering with all your innovation, you are not going to feel comfortable at your work table. You will need something to throw on you and warm up your physical frame. At the same time, you must also make sure what you choose for this task fits over everything namely the blazer and another chunkier piece. The right solution here can be the reversible cape. You can throw this over everything you are wearing and get the much-needed warmth instantly.

Meeting essentials

When you are heading for a meeting, you must always look professional and well-polished. Making notes in the meetings is a good habit as you will not miss out any details discussed there. It is important to have a proper notebook and pen. Keep a notebook that is stylish, small and sleek. You will find a small sized leather-bound journal a great option for this purpose. It will be easy to carry and also will occupy only a little space on the desk. You can also easily hold it in your hands and take notes when you need. It is important to have a pen that looks stylish as well as writes perfectly.

Office shoes

It is not a simple task to find the perfect shoe for the office. As a woman, you might love a high heel shoe at work. Most women love the look a high heel shoe bestows with a dress or pant. This is also a way to get a few more inches of height on others around you. Preferably go for a cushioned insert that can make you walk comfortably all day long without any strain or pain. Also, know that it is not good to stand on a 3-inch heel for hours. Hence go for a flat to make yourself comfortable while wearing it and sitting in your desk.

Emergency blazer

During many occasions, professional women have found emergency blazers a lifesaving accessory for them. If you need to get involved in a lunch that was not in your plans or if a client shows up to demand your time unexpectedly, you must raise up to the occasion in an impressive dress. An emergency blazer can help meet such situations. Go for a simple one that can match with anything. At the same time ensure it can make you look polished within a second.   


Though most people might not consider this on their essentials list, it is something you cannot overlook. Those who snack frequently tend to get very hungry during the mid-morning and late afternoon. Have the right snacks within your reach. Also, maintain healthy eating habits. This can also help you stick to your monthly budget without having to spend those extra bugs to buy some snacks now and then.