The Nintendo Switch OLED model is now available online

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is now available online

Nintendo’s newest hybrid console packs in a seven-inch OLED display and a few subtle enhancements. | Image: Nintendo

The newest version of the immensely popular Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch OLED model, is now available online. So far, they’ve popped up at GameStop, but they quickly went out of stock. Though, a few Verge staffers have found success buying one through Nintendo’s online shop. The key to their success was persistence and patience, and of course, you’ll need to login to your Nintendo account to make the purchase there.

We’ll add more retailers throughout the day as they appear online.

The Switch OLED model is the top end of Nintendo’s current console lineup, coming in at $350, while the standard Switch and portable-only Switch Lite each sit below it at $300 and $200, respectively. The new model sports a sizable screen upgrade to a…

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