The New Trend of Womens Empowerment in Marketing Campaigns. Inclusivity the new normal?

The New Trend of Womens Empowerment in Marketing Campaigns. Inclusivity the new normal?

If you scroll through your Instagram timeline, depending on who you are following you will see tons of “Women empowerment” themed events, posts, illustrations you name it. An old saying in marketing and sales is that ” People buy on emotion and justify with logic ” this statement alone is the heart of brand storytelling. Pull on emotion, and the rest will follow.

This whole idea of women empowerment marketing campaigns and helping women see themselves differently, defy stereotypes and forget about gender norms began with the Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, which you can watch here it started as print ads and short commercials in 2007 and gained steam as of recent with a series of long-form videos. This heart-wrenching campaign increased Dove sales by $1.5 billon, crazy right? It was also listed as the top 100 ads of the 21st century.

Many other brands began following Dove’s lead, the Always like a girl campaign stole the show at Superbowl 2015. Unlike any commercial, the Superbowl usually aired the Always commercial started a conversation about helping women build confidence and redefine what it means to be a girl. Some more “masculine” brands started seeing the effect on this woman based marketing such as Dodge and dropped a commercial campaign with a female lead title ” Courage is Already inside.”

So why now? If this empowerment ads are so effective why have we just began seeing them now?

Could it be the rise of female leaders, as women move up in corporate and political positions, as well as at marketing and advertising firms the people more likely to be engaging women, are finally women! Surprisingly only 11% of creative directors are women, yet women driven campaigns and commercial do the best.

Maybe it can also be attributed to the rise of content marketing. Brands can now tell a 30 to 60-second pitch in a youtube ad and directly select what group of viewers they would like to see it. With the rise of digital content marketers aren’t just pitching product anymore they are trying to create engaging content that wins customer loyalty and makes people want more.

Jumping on the women empowerment bandwagon isn’t enough to sell a product or create a content marketing campaign it is something to consider, it requires a great story and relevant message. What is your thought on the direction of content marketing? And could this emotional way of getting ads across be considered manipulative?