The importance of women teachers

The importance of women teachers

Education systems highly emphasize the responsibility of teachers both males and females to educate and mold the students and guarantee their attendance in schools. Analyzing the importance of women as teachers can reveal a lot of facts and help determine their influence on education, especially girls’ education. Irrespective of the percentage of women teachers in the primary education system, we must necessarily value their role as educators. When we succeed in provide women teachers an excellent working condition, they can contribute to the development of girl education and the community as a whole.


Women as educators in schools

Teachers are the central part of a school system along with students. For the educational programs to be efficient, the quality of teachers is highly essential. More than delivering the lessons, every teacher has a crucial role in front of them in treating the boys and girls with patience, giving them care and affection they duly deserve, prepare them for a useful vocation in life to earn their daily bread and reinforce some social role models for promoting gender equality. The traditional family responsibilities that women hold in families and their motherhood makes it easy for them to relate to students in school. This is undoubtedly a significant advantage that facilitates teaching. More than this, professional training is highly essential for women so that they are made capable to perform well as successful teachers.

What studies show us?

The success of students and the effectiveness of education largely depend on the job satisfaction of the teachers. When the women teachers are encouraged, given ideal working conditions and recognized morally and economically, they can give their best. In regions where there is a higher proportion of rural populations, the rate of boys and girls accessing and then continuing their education is found to be lower. Studies show us that a higher percentage of women participation in classroom teaching is leading to higher rates of schooling and more number of students continuing their education after the fifth class. Mainly this is found to be right in the case of girls. Hence in traditional societies, the presence of female teachers encourages some parents to send their children to schools.

Women teachers as advisors and role models

In most cases, students see their women teachers as their advisors and role models. Especially in primary schools, having women teachers is very important for children as female teachers can give the students motherly care. Studies show that girls feel very comfortable to express their problems and concerns to women teachers than male teachers. Despite the number of female teachers being found inadequate in primary and secondary schools, their presence makes students feel delighted, especially girl students.

Women teachers inspire children

The role of women teachers as role models to students cannot be underestimated. An interesting study centered on remote villages has observed the following in rural schools. Women teachers are vital to communities as well as girls. Their presence makes parents send their girl children to school confidently. Women teachers are also found to involve in the development of the area.

In most cases where the girl children would not feel open to parents, the parents send their children to women teachers for counseling. Girl children emulate the examples set by their teachers in terms of their dressing habits, mannerisms, presence among men and how they teach and interact with the students. Parents encourage their children to work hard and become like their teachers one day in the future.

The career of women as educators

Teaching career programs provide a kind of horizontal promotion system for teachers giving them the possibility of raising their wages. This is done after enrolling them in a training program and then evaluating their performance. This system will make sure that teachers need do not need to aspire for entering the administration hierarchy or take up positions with higher education in order to advance professionally. This can make it possible for them to make a decent income to support their families. Especially this kind of system can be beneficial to women teachers as a majority of women teacher population is found in the primary education and their numbers drop progressively at higher levels.

Women in teaching – some challenges

In the rural environment, the teachers face a lot of challenges and obstacles to reach levels of professionalism and be recognized. In some rural settings, there are fewer women teachers and most women teachers are not willing to go to work in remote areas. Also, in many rural societies, women going to jobs is still not accepted. This keeps female unemployment very high in these regions. In some societies, parents are willing to send their girls for studies only with women teachers. In some remote areas where there are not that many women teachers, the literacy rates of girl children is highly affected. This can lead to high rates of illiteracy among women in such societies.

The importance of women teachers

When we celebrate the achievements of women in some industry sectors, it is important to reflect on their participation and contribution to the education sector. From the other side, it is very important to expose students especially girls to accomplished female role models as much as possible. Women as teachers can raise gender awareness and the sensitivity of male teachers. They can help promote important behavioral patterns in students. Female empowerment in the education sector can create a school environment that can makes girls feel comfortable to learn and grow. When increasing numbers of teachers are encouraged, facilitated and supported to work as teachers, these objectives can be realized in a greater measure.