The Frieze art fair and the woman behind it

The Frieze art fair and the woman behind it

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The most incredible Frieze Art Fair has made Los Angeles verily a contemporary art hub. In fact, this process was made over decades. The Frieze co-founder Amanda Sharp says, “It is founded with a hunger to build on this already fantastic foundation.” While highlighting one of the tall objectives of Frieze, Ms. Karek, the founder of Los Angeles based arts organization ForYourArt and the supporter of Los Angele’s contemporary art community says, “I am very cognizant of the fact that part of what’s going to make this successful, particularly in its inaugural year, is establishing a marketplace in a city that is known for artists.”

Frieze overview

Frieze is a highly successful and popular media and events company. To its credit, it has three publications namely “frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week”. It has companioned four international art fairs such as “Frieze London, Frieze LA, Frieze New York, and Frieze Masters, a suite of events, programs and talks at the Frieze Academy. In addition, is a great resource for contemporary art and culture. Way back in 1991, Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover and Tom Gidley founded Frieze along with the launch of the Frieze magazine, which became a leading publication to focus on contemporary art and culture. In February 2018, Frieze declared its plans to launch Frieze Los Angeles which will open on February 14-17, 2019 at the Paramount Pictures studios. (Source:

The woman behind Frieze Los Angeles

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During the two years following the launch of the Frieze Masters Art fair, Victoria Siddall, bagged the praise of every old school gallerist. In every October, she converts Regent’s Park into the hub of the art world. Asters is a sister operation of Frieze dedicated to presenting the exclusive works from antiquity till 2000. Today, it is considered the most fundamental complement to the annual extravaganza. Siddall has been associated with the company for about ten years. To her credit, she already has two phenomenal outings. While being promoted to oversee the operations of Frieze for both London and New York, Siddall stated her commitment to making these ventures uniquely different from the rest on the earth while she said, “There was no need to create a fair that felt like all the others. There are enough art fairs in this world.” Architect Annabelle Selldorf associated with Frieze says, “Victoria is extraordinary. She had a clear vision from the outset of the dialogue that could come from juxtaposing art from diverse periods, and has never wavered from that.”

Frieze in the context of Los Angeles

Earlier, Los Angeles has reported some large-scale successes with the Getty’s “Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980” and “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. Such initiatives helped identify the fact that the city produces stars whose phenomenal works bestow a distinctive character to the region. Also, Los Angeles has a bunch of some accomplished art institutions like Broad Museum, Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Hammer Museum. Such developments combined with the exclusive focus on Frieze on the local artists and galleries can immensely help establish and promote the status of the city as a very important center for visual arts.

How art exhibition initiatives helped improve the lives of artists

David Kordansky, the owner of the David Kordansky Gallery, an important contributor among the 68 galleries participating in Frieze Los Angeles says, “The fact is that a number of L.A. artists who existed on the margins are no longer decentralized; they are central figures in our conversations on the history of art.” According to Mr. Kordansky, the momentum gained in this segment by the participation of all these companies has highly encouraged the local collectors who have been so far shopping from elsewhere for arts. He adds, “Collectors are no longer looking to New York, they’re looking to their own backyard.” And Frieze has the greatest potential to achieve the central status in this newly emerging confidence in the Los Angeles art market. “Not everyone can get on a plane and go to Miami or London for the fairs there.”

The Frieze’s new success formula

Though its earlier initiatives in London and New York were highly successful, Frieze is not relying on those strategies to bag success this time. The fair is not going through the initial application process this time in Los Angeles. It has now motivated Mr. Kondarsky and five more galleries to bring in a select range of galleries to participate in Frieze’s inaugural edition. The major American galleries participating this time will be the David Zwirner, Gagosian and Marian Goodman Gallery. Also, there are a number of renowned international players in the field of contemporary arts namely the London’s White Cube, Seoul’s Kukje Gallery and the OMR of Mexico City. A significant portion of Frieze will also be devoted to some highly influential local galleries like Blum & Poe and Regen Projects in addition to some notable emerging and experimental spaces like Anat Ebgi and the box.

A striking partnership

A number of highly influential and reputed galleries have decided to join Frieze’s Los Angles edition due to the most notable West Coast connection that Frieze boasts of. In a notable move, Endeavor championed by a highly influential agent Ari Emmanuel bought a stake in Frieze in 2016. Charlotte Burns, executive editor of the online magazine by Art Agency, Partners, says, “With Frieze’s knowledge of the art world, combined with Ari’s knowledge of the Hollywood industry, this could be a happy marriage.” Also, Ms. Burns adds, “Generally Hollywood has always been a hard industry to crack because it’s a creative industry focused on its own creation. But this is a classical mathematical equation that seems logical.”