The Documentary Is Encouraging Women to ‘Go Against The Flow’

The Documentary Is Encouraging Women to ‘Go Against The Flow’


First premiering in 2015, the eye-opening film ‘Go Against the Flow’ is based on a book by Charu Sharmaof the same name. The film is comprised mainly of interviews in which the documentary subjects reflect on their career and path to entrepreneurship. The project highlights the stories of several female entrepreneurs such as Robyn Exton, founder of Her Social App; Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code; Stephanie K. Lewis, co-founder of the blog; and many more phenomenal women. An honest account of the pressures women face in and outside of the “corporate world,” ‘Go Against the Flow’ is a must-see.

#GoWithTheFlow is a Movement

Hoping to give women the confidence to forge their own path to success, Sharma says, “I realized that really smart young women around me were limited to seeking traditional career options because of inaction, impostor syndrome, very little exposure to the entrepreneurial path and lack of access to the right female mentors who they could personally relate to.”  Throughout both the book and film there is the overarching theme of pushing women to take smart risks, follow their vision, and cultivate leadership qualities. The personal anecdotes shared by the women interviewed are relatable, and the lessons they learned are relevant for all different kinds of women.

Measuring Personal and Professional Success

In the film, Minnie Ingersoll, COO of Code for America, says she measures personal success by measuring her happiness every day; the success of the company, however, is best measured by its financial growth. Noor Siddiqui, the co-founder of Remedy, has a very different approach when it comes to measuring success – she gauges personal and professional success by discussing with five of her closest friends. Exposing young women to different types of self-reflection techniques may help them to discover which works best for her and her business. Siddiqui’s view, in particular, also highlights the importance of having a strong support system.

Final Thoughts

Many reviews agreed that the film has succeeded in increasing the awareness of women entrepreneurs and the wide variety of hardships they face. The film fosters an important dialogue on female entrepreneurship and targets the large pool of talented millennial women looking for a fresh start. Unfortunately, most women are still hesitant to view entrepreneurship as an accessible career path for themselves. In closing, Sharma advises, “If you don’t know how to do something, find someone who has done it before. Manage your career, or your career will manage you.”


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