The ‘deal with it’ glasses are being sold as an NFT

The ‘deal with it’ glasses are being sold as an NFT

Image: Ryder Ripps

Another iconic meme is going up for auction as an NFT: the text and sunglasses used to popularize “deal with it” GIFs. The auction is being held on the NFT platform Foundation, and bidding is currently at around $8,000, with more than five hours remaining at the time this article was published.

The meme was listed by Ryder Ripps, the designer / creative director / “art prankster” who recently made headlines for falsely claiming to be behind the dystopian redesign of the CIA’s website. (Ripps told The Verge the claim was a joke and “so obvious if you have your cerebral cortex functioning.”)

Ripps does, at least, appear to be closely connected to the “deal with it” meme, even if the decade-old image’s exact provenance is difficult to fully…

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