Thank you for the memories, Siri Remote

Thank you for the memories, Siri Remote

Illustration by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge

The Apple TV remote is gone and a new remote — with the exact same name, considerably more buttons, and a two-tone color scheme straight out of 2010 — has replaced it. The majority of people have rejoiced this move, but I am here to mourn a remote that had no business being as captivating for my thumb as it was.

Technically called the Siri Remote, the super-slim minimalist remote launched in 2015 alongside the fourth-gen Apple TV (now known as the Apple TV HD). It was the third remote designed by Apple to control your TV and the first one to include a touchpad or microphones. The Siri Remote was named for the big Siri button below the touchpad and was meant to make the digital assistant a more natural part of the way you interacted with…

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