Texas freeze risks slowing COVID-19 progress

Texas freeze risks slowing COVID-19 progress

A warming center in Houston, Texas. | Photo by Thomas Shea / AFP via Getty Images

Power outages and freezing temperatures continue to throttle Texas. People without heat or safe water are heading to warming centers or gathering in the homes of friends who have the lights on. The most pressing concern for many Texans right now is keeping warm, finding food, and making sure their water is safe to drink. But in the background is the ever-present threat of COVID-19 — which could spread in those indoor spaces.

COVID-19 cases in Texas are declining right now, like they are in most of the country, but thousands of cases are still reported each day. Hospitalization rates are still high. The ongoing pandemic means that any other disaster, like the freeze, is layering on top of a baseline emergency. “It’s broadened everything…

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