Tesla leak reveals all-in-one ‘Superhorn’ for Model 3 and Y

Tesla leak reveals all-in-one ‘Superhorn’ for Model 3 and Y

Image: Tesla

Tesla may be adding new hardware components to its upcoming 2022 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles — including a new all-in-one “Superhorn” that combines a horn, alarm, and loudspeaker. This feature and more was revealed (via Electrek) in a leaked document on German-speaking Tesla forum TFF.

The listed component changes presented in the document appear to be meant for the eyes of European regulators. Tesla generally does not line up new features with model years as closely as most other manufacturers. For instance, the company started adding its new full self-driving computer (HW3) to cars in April 2019. Then, in September of that year, it began including an external speaker under Model 3 bumpers (to comply with legislation requiring electric…

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