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Getting over the fear of public speaking

Speaking in public, specifically in front of large crowds, is something most people dread – with good reason. It can be daunting to have anywhere from tens to hundreds of pairs of eyes tracking your every move and hanging on your every word. To deal

Majesty Acheampong: How Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, it’s hard to escape the endless advertisements and paid promotions deliberately placed throughout my feed. In the past few years, it seems that bloggers, YouTube stars, and the infamous Instagram model have begun to replace actors and actresses

Tips For Female Entrepreneurs to Create A Successful Business

  Women are often stereotyped and pigeonholed into certain professions. However, women now have the power to create their own thriving businesses. Female professionals all over the world are taking control over their careers like never before. Numerous women have championed incredible entrepreneurial ventures on their