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Cities that Are Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Many large companies have begun to recognize the Importance of having-a diverse and inclusive staff. There have been departments dedicated solely to diversity and inclusion (D&I), and large-scale D&I training programs have been implemented in hopes of preventing sexist, homophobic, and racist incidents (ahem, Starbucks). 

Majesty Acheampong: How Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, it’s hard to escape the endless advertisements and paid promotions deliberately placed throughout my feed. In the past few years, it seems that bloggers, YouTube stars, and the infamous Instagram model have begun to replace actors and actresses

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Collaborating to Help Each Other Succeed

Our society tends to label assertive women entrepreneurs as aggressive, unemotional, and bossy. To counter these negative beliefs, many women entrepreneurs have created networks to help each other overcome these stereotypes and remain successful. These labels are most prevalent in the “corporate world,” where women

Strategies for Women To Advance In the Workplace

Women are a valuable and necessary component of any work environment. There is an ever-growing number of women in high-profile leadership roles, and the number of women starting their own businesses is at an all-time high. However, factors such as pay inequality and “the glass