Ways to Attract More Women to Cybersecurity

A study conducted by the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) has discovered that only one quarter of jobs in the field of computing are held by women. The fraction occupied by women in cybersecurity is even smaller. However, by the year 2019,

How to Break Into the Technology Field

If you are hoping to land a tech job--even without a tech background-- a quick search online can reveal a number of tech jobs that require skills from all other career fields. Since there is such a wide variety of technology being developed, there is

Four Great Career Choices If You Like to Work With Data and Numbers

Working with data and numbers is a very engaging and rewarding field. Those who choose to go into a career that works primarily with data and numbers (usually science, math, and technology jobs) are often analytical thinkers who enjoy problem-solving. The number of careers requiring