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Apple levels the playing field with new app development program

Being in the tech field is extremely competitive, and when you factor in being a woman, there are limited opportunities to advance or even start pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. It can be discouraging, but Apple saw this as a perfect moment to even the playing

Cities that Are Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Many large companies have begun to recognize the Importance of having-a diverse and inclusive staff. There have been departments dedicated solely to diversity and inclusion (D&I), and large-scale D&I training programs have been implemented in hopes of preventing sexist, homophobic, and racist incidents (ahem, Starbucks). 

Strategies for Women To Advance In the Workplace

Women are a valuable and necessary component of any work environment. There is an ever-growing number of women in high-profile leadership roles, and the number of women starting their own businesses is at an all-time high. However, factors such as pay inequality and “the glass

Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance

At some point in everyone’s career, there comes a time where work-related priorities begin to overshadow personal ones. Creating a functional balance between the two does not happen overnight; some compromise is required—on both ends—to create a fulfilling and low-stress life. In an age of