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Kim Lassiter: How A Spa Day Can Nurture More Than External Beauty

One of the most popular trends floating around social media is self-care. There are numerous books, product lines, and clothing brands that have been explicitly created to capitalize on this movement. Kim Lassiter, the owner of Katura Day Spa, relishes self-care as something more than

A stock market guide for beginners

We have all heard so much about investing in the stock market. Often, we have heard about the hypes circulated in the media about the risks and excitements connected to the stock market business. Nevertheless, very few people are well-informed on how a stock market

Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance

At some point in everyone’s career, there comes a time where work-related priorities begin to overshadow personal ones. Creating a functional balance between the two does not happen overnight; some compromise is required—on both ends—to create a fulfilling and low-stress life. In an age of