Surprise! Deltarune Chapter 2 drops September 17th

Surprise! Deltarune Chapter 2 drops September 17th

toby fox

The next chapter of Deltarune is coming and I am beyond excited. In a surprise announcement, Toby Fox, creator of the Undertale series, revealed DeltaruneChapter 2 will be released on Mac and PC on September 17th.

The news came on September 15th during a livestream of Deltarune Chapter 1 put on to commemorate Undertale’s sixth anniversary. Hosted by three dads from Fangamer — a gaming merchandise retailer — the Deltarune livestream featured hideous dad-approved shirts, canned laughter typical of a ‘90s sitcom, and commentary from Toby Fox himself via a skateboarding Annoying Dog proxy with a text-to-speech voice. You can (and should) check out a VOD of the wholesome stream here.

Deltarune is the much anticipated follow-up to Toby Fox’s…

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