When adopting a healthy lifestyle, the term “superfood” might come up in your search for the right and wrong things to consume to begin your journey. The word is more of a marketing term, but at the core, it includes food “thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health” (LiveScience). Based on this, the definition will be slightly different according to the individual. Though there are some foods that are considered super, some are more beneficial to women than others. Analyze your day to day activities and how these foods can fit in to efficiently maximize your healthy intake.


I’m sure when deciding to eat healthier, there are some reservations because healthy can be synonymous with not tasty. But with some creativity, these foods can be incorporated in some delicious ways. The most obvious of these are your green vegetables, such as broccoli. It’s a love or hate food and is probably the first one you threw on the floor in your high chair as a toddler, but it’s full of nutrients that fight against cancerous cells in the body. Adding it as a side to your usual meals or mixing with a stir fry, raw to lightly steamed, can make a big difference. This next green veggie took the world by storm a few years ago, and you couldn’t escape its trendy incorporation in every dish. Kale “not only does a number on cancer, but it also helps the heart” (EveryDay Health). Often compared to turnips, kale has a ton of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and nutrients that help with eyesight. This is a great leafy green that can be cooked fairly easy for a quick snack. Next up is…beets. No, it’s not the most glamorous, but its vibrant purple color indicates betalain pigments which are healthy antioxidants. Just by “drinking a glass of beet juice (otherwise known as beetroot) it may immediately lower your blood pressure.” High blood pressure is widespread and can lead to other ailments, so this potassium filled vegetable counteracts sugar-heavy foods. Keeping with the same lively color theme, tart cherries can be added to your meal selection in a savory dessert. If you have chronic pain or arthritis, these can relieve symptoms while also lowering cholesterol and body fat. Also, in the fruit family, blueberries can be seen as an obvious choice when selecting foods for a healthy diet. “Though still being studied, plants with these super antioxidants have anti-inflammatory powers that may lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis” (Everyday Health). Because of its size, it can be a snack to eat throughout the day and give you that extra boost in energy and water consumption that fruit does typically. Now on to the more filling options. You are probably aware of the benefits of fish, but it may surprise you at the type of fish that is most beneficial to women. Sardines are great meat that is rich in fish oil, vitamin D and calcium strengthening the immune system. They may not look the best before they hit your plate but adding them to your pizza and subs can enrich your health dramatically. Speaking of not the most pleasing, beans are most known for their fiber, but they also have many other benefits. Black beans, in particular, provide the carbohydrates and proteins necessary for high blood sugar regulation. If you don’t eat beans regularly, be sure to incorporate them in your diet slowly as to avoid any digestive issues. Tailor each of these foods to your liking and make them a constant staple in your everyday meals. 

Changing what you can be intimidating because sometimes we use comfort foods as a crutch. It’s a coping mechanism for many, but after consuming these foods, they will often make you feel even worse than before. Starting with a meal plan is the first step so that you are more confident and willing to stay on the right path to eating healthier. Just adding a few of the foods mentioned in this article to your meals, it will segue to a lifestyle instead of on occasion. Women are more high risk, in some cases, to certain diseases and conditions that may not affect men as much. These superfoods will cater to the specific needs of women and an overall better way of life.