Staying productive while working from home

Staying productive while working from home

Working from home gives you the luxury of choosing your working hours and being your own boss. However, no freedom comes without responsibilities. You must ensure that you neither overdo nor end up being lesser productive. Your home office can either be the kitchen table or a specific room you have set apart for your work. Whatever be the setting you have created for working, it is essential that it is something you will thoroughly enjoy working in. The work setting must set you to a productive mood and also make you feel comfortable. Here we discuss a few proven strategies and approaches that can enhance productivity while working from home.

Aspects that will enhance productivity

Perhaps this is the crucial part of this discussion. The thing that sets you to work is the goal you wish to achieve. In other words, the reason why you work every day is good enough to get you moving forward enthusiastically. So, create a way to continually remind yourself of your goals to work preferably at the start of the day’s work and throughout on every day. Unless you can identify the aspects that can trigger a productive mood in you, you are going to have a very tough job refining your workspace or do something concrete to boost up your inspiration. Hence it is vital that you spend some time on this and get it in the right way. Further to this, read on to know what can make you feel comfortable.

Dress up professionally

Get dressed for the day like a professional as you would do while going to work in an office, and this will help you stay more determined and stay productive all through the working time. Workplace expert Mason Donovan says, “Although a dress code may seem silly when you think about working from home, work clothes impact you on a business and personal level and can affect your career.” Most importantly, a professional dress can also boost up how you feel about the work you are doing.

Put your phone away

When the phone is within your hand’s reach, it is easy to get tempted to email your friend, watch the video of a cute kitten or start a chat with someone. Studies show that while your brain can trick yourself saying it can do multi-tasking, the fact is the human brain is not so good at it. So, having your phone nearby is undoubtedly going to disrupt your work.

Find the perfect spot to work

Creating the right setting for work is very important to stay productive while working from home. The first thing you must do towards this end is to get out of your bed. Lauren Holliday, the founder of Freelanship, describes how your bed can end up confusing your brain, “After repeatedly using something for a certain purpose, our brains begin to associate an object with a purpose. When you work from bed one of two negative things will happen: You’ll tend to fall asleep while working or at least get sleepy while working and your brain will begin to disassociate your bed with sleep, making it difficult for you actually to fall asleep.” Apart from leaving your bed, it is also good to find a place that has low noise levels and enough sunlight.

Get a professional seating

While you work from home, you might feel you are missing your chair at work. While choosing an excellent chair to work from home, consider five aspects including right armrests, adjustable backrest, comfortable cushion, wheels, and lumbar support. Fortunately, the advanced furniture technology today lets you find good quality ones that are affordable too. Do some research, and you are sure to grab a good one.

Be flexible

One real boon that you can enjoy while working from home is the possibility to stay flexible. However, you must know the art of using it rightly. Billionaire Richard Branson says, “Employees can work more efficiently when they are given the freedom to make their own decisions. Too many companies don’t realize the monotony of a lot of people’s day-to-day life at work. I try to encourage chief executives worldwide to make sure that there’s as much flexibility in the workplace as possible.”

Plan a schedule

Planning your working hours is a significant aspect of working from home which can impact your productivity. To define the best timings to work, choose the time when most of your contacts might be available if your work involves coordinating with a team or interacting with clients. To be more productive, you can also choose the time when your natural performance will be at its peak. For some people, this can be the early morning time while in some others this can happen during late night hours.

Take some breaks

While working for a long time continuously without breaks, it is natural to get distracted. When you work from home, you are already carrying the guilt of working in the same building where you sleep. Let this guilt not prevent you from relaxing for a while. However, let your breaks not be used to watch some favorite clips on YouTube. Get away from the work desk and go for a walk or spend time with others at home. “Breaks, like making and eating lunch, can recharge you to do better work. Don’t assume you need to be working 100% of the time while you’re home to be more productive.”

Choose a strict finishing time every day

While working from home, you might be under the delusion that the work-life balance is already taken care of, never go with this false assumption. Working from home can also feel like spending time at the casino. As you are working in a relaxing environment, it is effortless to get caught up in the activity and lose track of time entirely. When you are at the office, the packing up and leaving of your coworkers can remind you of the closing time. To achieve this feel, set the alarm to indicate the time when your regular working time will come to an end. Though you do not have to stop working when you hear the signal, you can start with the process of saving the work and quitting the work desk for the day.

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