Spotify’s miniplayer for Facebook launches today

Spotify’s miniplayer for Facebook launches today

Spotify’s miniplayer will allow people to stream music and podcasts from their Facebook News Feed. | Spotify

Facebook is making it easier to never leave its app. The company’s partnership with Spotify is coming to fruition today in the form of a miniplayer for the News Feed that’ll allow people to play music and podcasts from within Facebook. Audio content can be shared from Spotify to Facebook, and once on Facebook, listeners can press play and listen to it even as they scroll around. It’ll be available on both iOS and Android and in 27 markets, including the US, at first. More will follow in the coming months. Users will also see the miniplayer on shared videos that have music in the background. A play button will surface after the video finishes where people can play the song.

Facebook listeners will hear the shared track, and once it ends,…

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