Single-shot COVID-19 vaccine is popular at vaccination sites

Single-shot COVID-19 vaccine is popular at vaccination sites

Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images

The messaging that all three authorized vaccines are good options appears to be sinking in around the country. When the first batch of single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines arrived in States this week, people were excited to take it.

In Connecticut, Hartford HealthCare let people decide which type of vaccine to sign up for, and the Johnson & Johnson shot was more popular than expected. People were also given the choice at a Miami vaccination site. One recipient told CNN that she picked Johnson & Johnson because it’s one dose; she’s afraid of needles and only wanted to do it once. A Minnesota couple told KTTC-TVthat they were eager to get a vaccine that was only one dose.

That’s a big relief for experts who worried that the shot faced…

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