Scrap new gas infrastructure, says UN report

Scrap new gas infrastructure, says UN report

Graffiti outside the Valley Generating Station, a natural gas power plant reported to have been leaking methane in California since 2019. | Photo: Citizen of the Planet//Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A major new United Nations report makes it extremelyclear that relying on natural gas won’t help the world avoid climate catastrophe. Once seen as a “bridge fuel” that could provide a less-polluting alternative to coal and other fossil fuels, growing evidence shows that gas is a bigger culprit in the climate crisis than previously thought.

Though it’s been attractivelybranded as “natural” gas, the fuel is primarily plain oldmethane. When burned, the fuel doesproduce less carbon dioxide than coal and oil. The problem is that extracting so-called natural gas and bringing it to homes and buildings leads to a lot of methane leaks. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, with more than 80 times more power to warm the planet than carbon…

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