Panasonic made a farting cat robot!

Panasonic made a farting cat robot!

I am so tired, and there are so many things happening. Days like today have become the norm over this last, lost year; there is a tragedy happening every second of every day, and if you’re lucky enough to be outside of the blast radius you’re only able to perceive what’s happening through a screen. Just last night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz decided to take a family trip to Cancún as large swaths of his state are without power or potable drinking water in the midst of a historic deep freeze. He’s now on his way back, after being shamed online for his bafflingly cruel choice.

That was the first thing I saw this morning. This was the second.

This funky little robot’s name is Nicobo, and it was created by Panasonic for companionship. It’s…

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