Oscars 2021: how to watch the Academy Awards online

Oscars 2021: how to watch the Academy Awards online

Niko Tavernise/NETFLIX © 2020

The 93rd Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) will broadcast tonight, April 25th. This ceremony will recognize the films and their associated talent in a particularly strange and difficult year for the industry, which has been forced to adapt to some big changes during the pandemic. Cinemas weren’t where most people saw newly-released movies. Instead, many of those films were pushed faster than ever to digital distribution platforms like Vudu, Apple TV, and Google TV for purchase or rental. Some were even made available simultaneously with the theatrical release, like some Warner Bros. films on HBO Max.

This year’s Oscars are happening later in the year than usual, apparently to make room for more movies, since the pandemic dried…

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