Online Certificate Programs to Advance Your Career

Online Certificate Programs to Advance Your Career

The world is in a constant state of flux. Changes, developments, and advancements happen overnight almost in every domain of life and in every industry sector. Hence knowledge is continuously exploding at a phenomenal phase. To survive in any industry sector and stay at the cutting edge of the competition in your domain, you must update your skill sets and certifications in your niche domain so that you are better capacitated to advance your career. There are a lot of reasons to earn a certificate in any area of business today. Also, there are even some reasons to go for online certification courses. Here we discuss why they are essential and what top-rated courses are available today to pursue online.

How online certification courses will help you

Augment your existing credentials

If you are keen about boosting up your resume or find a promotion, you must find an online course that will suit your plans. Whether you wish to augment your managerial powers or learn more about marketing or develop the basic knowledge of finance, there are certificate courses that can help boost your everyday performance.

Get into a new sector

Some online certification courses can help professionals move into an entirely new career path. There are a large number of disciplines in a business like marketing, finance, advertising, and many others. You can choose to expand your knowledge and skills in your selected area hope to gain entry into the new field.

Demonstrate your abilities to meet new expectations

When you are moving up in your career field, you must prove that you have the required knowledge stuff. Online business certification programs facilitate an in-depth knowledge of your chosen field thereby building upon what you have learned in colleges. By equipping yourself with the new knowledge, you can meet the expectations of your employer or do better in your vocation.

Widen your professional network

The question “Who do you know” is a significant one in business today. An online course gives you the chance to network with other professionals, students, advisors, professors, subject matter experts, and evaluators so that you can hope to widen your network and move towards exciting partnerships.

Catch up with the emerging technologies

Some excellent online certification courses can help you gain hands-on experience in new technologies that can help you do better in your day-to-day functions. Since you learn the courses through video chats, lectures, message boards, and quizzes, you will be able to use those new technologies in a better way and find ways to incorporate them into your work and catch up with the emerging trends.

Some popular types of online courses you will find today

While there is enough number of online courses in any industry segment today, we can talk about some popular types of online courses that can help advance your career.

Knowledge about people and hiring

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business offers a highly exciting course named People Analytics that can expose you to the secrets of recruiting and hiring the best employees by evaluating the soft skills of the candidates during the selection process.

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media are crucially needed skills in the 21st century. University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business offers a course entitled “Intro to Marketing.” Northwestern University’s Social Media Marketing is also set in the same lines. You will also find a similar course with Cornell University under the title “Networks, Crowds, and Markets.” All of these courses can provide a general view of the social media, our circles, economy and the world around us during our contemporary times.

Finance and Economics

For gaining in-depth knowledge in corporate finance, you will find the ‘Introduction to Corporate Finance’ course provided by UPenn very useful. This course will teach you the essentials of risk-return tradeoff, interest rates and the cost of capital. You can also consider pursuing a Bachelor or Masters level program from National University in accountancy.

Project Management

The University of Adelaide in Australia provides a six-week online course entitled ‘Introduction to Project Management. Five instructors teach this course. If you are looking for deeper knowledge, you can also pursue a bachelor or master level certificate program in Project Management offered by the National University’s School of Engineering and Computing.

An overview of some cutting-edge online certification courses

Certificate Program in Business Administration

Offered by UC Berkeley Extension, this online course is highly suitable for professionals who will need a comprehensive foundation in Business Administration. Some of the areas you will learn in depth include economics, marketing, finance, management, and accounting. You can choose an elective of your interest to learn it deeper. The duration of this course is 18 months to two years.

Certificate Program in Financial Planning and Analysis

UC Berkeley Extension offers this useful course online to provide a clear understanding of economic decision making by mastering areas like statement analysis, risk management, modeling, international finance, and financial analysis. Electives are available in the areas of quantitative data, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions if you wish to develop your knowledge in these areas further. The course period stretches over 240 instruction hours.

Non-Profit Management Certificate

Harvard Extension School offers this program online to equip the learners about the dire needs of nonprofit organizations. The areas you will learn will include budgeting, strategic planning and analysis, fund accounting, reporting, capital funding, and many others. The students will get to know the strategies to develop some highly productive fund-raising techniques and principles to ensure the best cash flow situation into a non-profit organization.