Making People Say ‘Yes’ To You

Making People Say ‘Yes’ To You

Business is becoming increasingly competitive every day. So, in order to continue advancing in your field,  it’s important to leverage your skills to get what you deserve. It is most likely that you will hear ‘No’ from everyone when you ask something. However, nothing will change until you begin saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Hearing ‘no’ is inevitable, but learning how to bounce back and continue striving for greatness is a part of your journey.

Be Your Authentic Self

You will never get what you want until you know what you need. It is important that you stay honest and in touch with what you are capable of and what you are willing to do. Being your authentic self is a sure way to set yourself up for success. By being authentic, you are presenting an impressive narrative on why you are the right fit for the position or opportunity. Let your resume say ‘What about you should interest your employer’ and why you are the best choice for the role they are looking for’. It is also very important to match your skill set with the buzzwords used by the person you are speaking with. Highlight the projects you have worked on and the kind of impact you made at your present or previous company also provides a description of your hard and honest work.

Acknowledge Your Boundaries

Understanding the areas that are not as strong is not the same as limiting your growth. Instead, by acknowledging your boundaries, you become comfortable delegating responsibilities to others. The ability to put your ego aside and do what’s best for the project is a springboard to other great opportunities. For example, tech companies are known for high-intensity job roles with long hours. If you feel that work-life balance is important to you, it is important to voice  what is important to you. Managers and potential employers would much rather have you not do a job, then do complete it poorly.

Know That You Are ‘Yes’ Worthy

One thing that often prevents women from advancing is imposter syndrome: the false feeling that someone, at some point in time, will find out that they are not adequately skilled for the position they hold or are supposed to hold. To avoid this, you must recognize and celebrate your own worth. You can still apply for a job, even if you do not have 100% of all the requirements for the position. It is important to show how much willing are you to learn and continuously develop yourself. When someone praises, you, accept the praises with grace, try not to deflect them. Deflecting will only make them feel your efforts and contribution are not worth being praised. When you voice your ideas in a meeting, never expect that you must be perfect. When something genuine strikes you, share your opinion even if you feel a bit uncomfortable. Your efforts to participate will not go unnoticed.

Find a mentor

Find a mentor outside your company who can provide guidance on your life and career. It is important that you develop a personal relationship with the one who will mentor you, so can receive feedback without fear of judgement. Invite your mentor to discuss upcoming opportunities for growth and development, and take their advice on how you can improve professionally to ensure you receive a ‘yes.’ Aside from gathering some useful inputs from them, it is important to apply the tips they share with you.  Such opportunities will enable you access connections that are authentic and genuine. Your mentor may also be able to create opportunities or connect you with opportunities, as well as helping you promote yourself in the industry. 

Never Give Up

It is important for you to constantly push yourself forward in order to reach good opportunities. This does not mean constantly pressing your manager for higher pay or promotions; instead, it means methodically requesting to be put on promising projects and teams that can help prove your knowledge, skills, and potentials. Apart from your current duties, you can also show your willingness to help another team with a project they are working on. This will help make yourself visible to the leadership and also indicate them that you can add value to the team. Also, keep updating your knowledge by taking up additional courses and training shows your initiative– which is deserving of a ‘yes.’