Loki is coming to Fortnite in July

Loki is coming to Fortnite in July

In a completely expected turn of events, Lokistar of the latest MCU show on Disney Plus — is coming to Fortnite as a playable character. But there is a twist for those looking to bring the mischievous god into a battle royale match. Loki won’t be on sale in the regular item shop, but instead will only be accessible for subscribers of Fortnite Crew, a monthly service. He’ll be available starting in July.

Crew launched last year. It costs $12 per month, getting users access to V-bucks and exclusive items, along with the current season’s battle pass. One of the big hooks is that the items are truly exclusive; Epic says that “they will never be sold to non-Crew members or given away to non-Crew members.” Which means that if you want to…

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