Linux has been ported to run on Apple’s M1 Macs

Linux has been ported to run on Apple’s M1 Macs

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

A new Linux port allows Apple’s M1 Macs to run Ubuntu for the first time. Corellium, a security firm that offers a virtualized version of iOS for security testing, has successfully ported Ubuntu over to M1 Macs and released a tutorial for others to follow. The modified version of Ubuntu boots into the regular user interface and includes USB support.

The team at Corellium have detailed exactly how they managed to get Ubuntu running, and it’s a good in-depth read if you’re interested in the details. While a number of M1 components are shared with Apple’s mobile chips, the non-standard chips made it challenging to create Linux drivers to get Ubuntu running properly.

Apple hasn’t designed its M1 Macs with dual-boot or Boot Camp in mind….

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