Kim Lassiter: How A Spa Day Can Nurture More Than External Beauty

Kim Lassiter: How A Spa Day Can Nurture More Than External Beauty

One of the most popular trends floating around social media is self-care. There are numerous books, product lines, and clothing brands that have been explicitly created to capitalize on this movement. Kim Lassiter, the owner of Katura Day Spa, relishes self-care as something more than a fad, but as a necessary practice that takes time to master. Her tenure as an esthetician and hairstylist (among other beauty-industry titles) has allowed her to help others define what self-care means for them, and the best practices for living a healthy life.

    Kim always had a passion for beauty and began her career as a hairstylist. She would later transition into corporate jobs that all had a few things in common: the ability to help someone and a strong need for creative problem solving, both of which she uses every day as a business owner. After her retirement and move to Charlotte a few years ago, her passion for beauty was sparked again—but for skincare this time. Kim’s business of helping others improve their skincare routine stemmed from her own needs. After noticing changes with her skin, she began to research possible causes and treatments, none of which were to her liking.

    To further her understanding of skincare ingredients—which ones were healthy, and which ones only caused further breakouts—Kim enrolled in the local Aveda Institute to solidify her knowledge. After graduating the urge to open her salon grew, and she knew that her true calling was to help others develop both inner and outer beauty. She started in a small studio space within one of the offices her husband (of twenty-three years!) used. But, not even one full year later, Kim has now opened a brand-new location with space and tools needed to accommodate her rapidly expanding business.


The success of her business can partly be attributed her focus on total wellness and healing her clients’ mind, body, and spirit. Starting this journey often begins with a self-guided check-in, asking questions like, what do I need to do to take care of myself? Kim keeps this question in mind as she practices yoga, meditates, and eats foods that provide long-term nutrition and not short-term satisfaction, and she encourages her clients to do the same. These practices carried her through the stress of starting her own business, especially after experiencing first-hand that not prioritizing self-care can throw all other aspects of life out of alignment.

Kim prioritizes the exchange of positive energy between herself and every single person who walks through the spa’s doors to show them the immediate reward of taking time for themselves. Knowing that she is helping someone present the best version of themselves is one of the most fulfilling parts of her job. She says that sometimes her clients want more than just clear skin; they come to her for words of encouragement and a safe place to decompress.

Her real talent lies in finding what people need and renewing their mind. Combining those talents with her love of learning and natural business instincts had led to a business that provides more than your average spa. Kim’s mindful practices have led to a company that is grounded in the importance of giving to others without compromising the importance of taking time for yourself, too.