Interior Design App Vishion Gives “Color Coordinated” A New Meaning

Interior Design App Vishion Gives “Color Coordinated” A New Meaning

If you have ever experienced hunting for two items of the same color, you know what a tiring experience that can be. You soon find that potential match, thankful that the search is finally over, just to put them next to each other and realize one pink is blush while the other is a light rose — two entirely different looks. Now it’s back to the drawing board, and hopefully, the eighth store you visit today finally has a close-enough match. But what if the search didn’t have to be this difficult? Isn’t there an app for that?


Vishion is the app made of interior design dreams, making the process of color matching as easy as snapping a picture. After that, the magic begins by identifying the exact color of your object and then cross-referencing it with tons of other objects marked with that same color code. Vishion considers lighting and photo quality, so the color you match in the store is the same color that comes home with you. 

The mastermind behind this app is Samantha Smith, a customer experience executive turned CEO, who had the idea for Vishion after she and her husband had their color-matching challenge. One day Samantha’s husband spotted a shade of green so beautiful that Sam could hardly describe it, and they decided that they would paint their new nightstands that color. However, with no way to describe said shade of green and no way to look for it on search engines like Google, they were at a loss. Determined never to let another tone of green getaway, Samantha began pitching her innovative idea to investors—thus Vishion was born.



Currently, Vishion is primarily used by interior designers looking for matching paint and furniture colors that may have different textures. Samantha says that color trends last significantly longer than fashion trends, and it’s also easier for interior designers to match colors across the room even if they’re ever-so-slightly different. She hopes to expand Vishion’s services to the fashion market later so that everyday consumers have the chance to find their perfect green as well.

Vishion gained popularity rather quickly, but Samantha has surrounded herself with a strong team that is dedicated to the project’s success. There are a few exciting developments expected to take place in 2019, including their partnerships with UNC Charlotte and Sherwin-Williams. Even with Vishion’s promising future, Samantha isn’t resting on her laurels. She wants to continue learning about the technology behind capturing accurate colors and new elements of business and technology she hasn’t yet mastered.

Samantha has developed a brand-new technological service that could revolutionize the way we use and categorize color. Vishion is helping lend color to the grey world of technology.