In Conversation with Calah Jones, Co-Founder of Female Consumer Goods

In Conversation with Calah Jones, Co-Founder of Female Consumer Goods

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People all over the world, especially younger people, spend a large portion of their lives trying to make themselves fit into the mold of whatever is popular at the moment. Clothing and style feed that constant search for acceptance, acting as a means of both self-expression and protective armor. But what happens when one takes the time to truly understand how their outward presentation coexists with their internal feelings? Calah Jones, co-founder creative brand Female Consumer Goods tells me that when the merge of this energy occurs, it just works.

 Female Consumer Goods (FCG) as it exists today was born from a working relationship between Jones and her boyfriend, who works primarily on design and branding. Integrating different perspectives – male, female, local, and international – into their work is a driving force in the creative process. “I always enjoy working with other people,” she tells me. “I believe that the collective is stronger than the individual.”

Collaboration is all about increasing productivity and functionality, which is the same energy all FCG pieces give off – the ability to “dress prepared,” as Jones fondly describes it. “I only buy things of quality… when you look good, you feel good.” She tells me that FCG clothing is designed to last a lifetime, prioritizing longevity over popularity. “I love minimal pieces. The more minimal a piece, the more you can wear it.” Jones says of her love of clothing basics.

 Clothing that is both sustainable and contemporary is hard to come by these days, which was another reason why Jones is so passionate about growing FCG. The earth and neutral tones used in FCG designs create an automatic feeling of calm and collected energy; a certain sureness that can only be passed down from someone like Jones. FCG creates clothing that gives you energy and makes you feel refreshed, not uncomfortable or lackluster.

Furthermore, she aims to empower young women through creative means outside of society’s expectations. Jones recently began using her love of clothing to connect girls in a safe and creative environment to make new in-person connections while learning about themselves as well. FCG proves that clothing is more than cloth, it’s expression, connection, and empowerment.