Huawei teases its upcoming P50 flagship phone

Huawei teases its upcoming P50 flagship phone

Behold, the P50’s mammoth-sized camera array

During Huawei’s HarmonyOS livestream, the company provided a first look at its upcoming P50 series phone. Few specs were given, and it didn’t talk pricing or tease a release date, but the sizzle reel did reveal a close-up look at its interesting camera array.

Four camera lenses are visible, along with two flashes. It’s tough to say exactly what we’ll be getting with this phone in terms of megapixel count and sensor size; the photo below confirms that Huawei is working alongside Leica with its optics. We’ll have to wait to see if Huawei improved on its periscope telephoto lenses that my colleague Sam Byford saw great results with on the P40 Pro Plus.

The teaser hinted at Huawei’s continued camera partnership with…

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