How Young Women Can Kick Start Their Careers

How Young Women Can Kick Start Their Careers

Even though many young women are equipped with the valuable skills to begin a career, they often need some guidance along the road to success. The kind of help that every aspiring young woman will need can differ based on their interests, background and career field. These strategies are some of the best ways to begin building traction in your professional life.

Learn to Speak Up for Yourself

Traditional gender roles are still prevalent in today’s workplace, and may be even more severe for young women just beginning in the workplace. For instance, it is often expected that women work hard, but always put others first. Often times, young women are praised when these traits are deserved, and are discouraged from putting themselves first. Because of this, most women are subconsciously tuned to work hard in hopes that their superiors will one day recognize their efforts. The ability to speak up for yourself is necessary before your career even begins, and must be carried throughout your tenure. You are your own best advocate.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Some women have no problem identifying what they actually want, and how to achieve it. However, the ability to communicate those ambitions may be difficult. Regardless of age, every aspiring woman must develop strong communication skills. Relaxed body language, a steady tone of voice, and the ability to deliver a message clearly are all parts of good communication. When facing a situation that requires you to speak up for yourself, the ability to use these aspects of good communication skills are very important. Courage and confidence also play a part in developing strong communication skills, you should never undermine yourself and your abilities. Having the ability to do what’s best for you, even if it’s scary, is a wonderful trait to have throughout your career. Learning how to take control of a dialogue can make you feel more confident in whatever you may face.

Research Your Potential Salary Range

Salary negotiation may be somewhat more difficult for young women because they are not yet established professionals who are fully aware of the value of their work.  In most cases, women are not properly taught the factors that contribute to what they should be paid left out of the conversation that teaches them how to gauge how much should they be paid; as well as how to discuss pay matters with their employers. Though you might know that you deserve a pay rise, it can be difficult to approach the topic with your employer.However, a number of women are now less reserved when it comes to talking about money. There are plenty of materials available  both online and in print that cover the basics of salary negotiation. Equip yourself with some of those wonderful strategies to negotiate for a pay, and pass on those tips to the women you wish to help.

Identify Key Resources

Finding other women to speak with about your experiences can also help develop these important skills. As a group, you should not feel shy about explaining your situations. You should create an environment where you will be celebrated for speaking up, taking charge, and exploring your interests. It is necessary to be surrounded by people who are focused on helping you achieve your goals, not just the recognition they will receive once you are successful. While your existing support group may provide a reliable shoulder to cry on, they might not have all the necessary resources to help you get started with your career. If this is the case, it is necessary to find your own resources; whether they be a career counselor, alumni network, business magazine, or any of the many free resources online.

Develop Networking Strategies

Networking is not a skill that is taught in schools, but is a major key to success in any career. Young professionals often learn which networking style works best for them by attending many different events, and using trial and error. Especially for those women who wish to jump-start a new career, the ability to network can help expose you to a wide variety a people—who are potentially hiring. Networking is an art, and requires you to make the best use of your connections for your career success.