Women leaders, Changing the workplace

Women leaders, Changing the workplace

As leaders of enterprises, a lot of women are doing an incredible job today proving their real worth as motivators and facilitators of change. In a study, Peterson Institute for International Economics has found out that companies that have women in the C-suite seem to be highly profitable. Over the past decade, the number of women-owned businesses has grown from just 9 percent to 45 percent. While women as leaders could steer their enterprises towards growth and profitability, they must also change their workplace culture to become more female friendly. Talking on the crucial importance of this issue, Andi Simon, author of On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights says, “As a corporate anthropologist, I’m aware of the recent shift in thinking surrounding how cultures should be restructured in order for women to thrive in the workplace.”

What kind of culture do women require in the workplace to thrive?

Surprisingly, Andi Simon’s research has found out that men and women want just similar aspects in the workplace. They both will want a strong clan culture that is centered on collaboration, teamwork and focuses on people. The implications of these findings for women entrepreneurs or women in leadership roles require them to bring in the following changes in the workplace.

Evolve a culture that will blend work and home

In a talk with the founder of a company interviewed by Simon had chosen to adopt a holistic approach in his organization that will allow the employees to choose between work and home in a flexible manner. After interacting with the founder president of the company, Simon remarked, “That company won all sorts of local awards for being one of the best places to work in the area.”

Encourage the staff to innovate

A lot of motivated staff who can think out of the box are reluctant to do so for fear of repercussions resulting if the things did not go as they expected. For innovations to happen, a good leader must empower the employees to try out new ideas.

Nurture your curiosity and zeal for adventure

If you want your employees to try out new ideas, you must be willing to do so in the first place. Never fear failures. Simon emphasizes, “Keep tinkering and trying stuff and sooner or later you’ll hit upon your a-ha moment.”

Working for enterprise development also means changing the workplace

Through her researches, Simon has found out that women who know how to make the business succeed are not only building better businesses, they are also significantly changing the workplace for their employees. Simon concludes, “The corporate cultures in women-run businesses reflect the personal beliefs and values of the women leading them. And those businesses tend to be highly successful.”

Amazing women leaders

Women have now moved a lot more forward to defy the odds and challenges posed by gender inequality that prevailed in the business market and workplace. A few successful women entrepreneurs like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Suze Orman could exert a highly positive influence from their positions as leaders. As role models for others, these women have made a significant contribution to improving their own spaces tremendously. They could also successfully inspire and provide a lead to other women to take up leadership roles. In their fields, some of these women have created their own exciting stories by upholding what they have believed in and creating breakthroughs. Women have championed some highly successful projects for their organizations in a way inspiring and facilitating a unique kind of growth and development. Here are a few startling qualities of these successful women leaders that have accounted for their success.

Professionalism and leadership qualities

A strong professionalism combined with leadership qualities have helped these women make success stories for their companies. The presence of such women in these enterprises have ably complemented the core values of the company and could help in enforcing the company standards. The leadership abilities of these women could create a better setting for the other women to give their best in the workplace. Women as effective leaders have the capacity to manage their business goals in a highly professional way and steer the organization towards progress.

Strong work ethics and the ability to motivate the team

Successful women leaders could ably sustain the company standards and goals and ensure that the colleagues follow these values. They discover highly original ways of implementing the values and motivating the teams. To enhance how the organization values are received, some of them adopted strategies like displaying motivational quotes around the office, introducing fun activities and other exciting activities.

Superior organization skills

Successful women leaders have been good at multi-tasking. They could manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously. They could take up leadership roles and fulfill it very effectively contributing to growth. They could manage their products themselves and also motivate others to perform better. Successful women leaders could evolve a conducive work environment where they could bring in the changes they had always wanted for producing better results.

Attention to minute details

Successful women leaders are known for their keen eye for details. This is a quality that is crucially important for an organization. These women can analyze the plans of the business and foresee the risk factors that can impact certain crucial business moves. They can handle crisis situations with confidence and deal with them effectively and confidently. In the process, they could ably prevent the crises from damaging the production and growth. While making significant decisions, these enterprises have always found the contribution of these women leaders highly useful.