How to watch GDC’s digital showcase

How to watch GDC’s digital showcase

illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The 2021 Game Developers Conference will be entirely digital this year. Organizers scrapped a previous plan that would have incorporated in-person events, opting instead to split the traditionally weeklong event into three parts. GDC Showcase, a mix of old and new lectures, kicks off this week.

A full schedule is available on GDC’s official site for talks running March 15th-19th. The Showcase is free to all attendees but requires registration. In addition to popular talks from previous years, like Leighton Gray’s “terminally online” presentation on Dream Daddy’s success, there will also be several live Q&As. Obsidian Entertainment’s Carrie Patel, PlayStation Studio’s Gavin Moore, and Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo will answer questions…

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