How to Market your Law firm to Millennials

How to Market your Law firm to Millennials

During the recent past, we have been noting that the legal industry had become more dependent on millennials. As a law firm, if you had not been taking this trend seriously by taking steps to meet the needs of the millennials, you are preparing to lose a more significant chunk of your business to those that are proving smarter than you in this regard.

Law firms and millennials

Referring to the demography of millennials, we are talking about the new adults making up the 20 to 40 years age group of the society. Experts in the law industry strongly feel that the future success of every law firm will depend on to what extent they are taking steps to meet the interests and needs of this group. Putting it in other words, law firms of today must take vigorous steps to market your law firm to the millennial group strategically and aggressively.

Strategies to connect with the millennial demographic

One-third of the millennials prefer the brands that have a strong social media presence. About 65 percent of the millennials are using social media to research companies. Hence it would help if you never overlooked the power of social media to market your law firm. Be consistent and produce quality content. It would help if you also focused on optimizing the content separately for each of the social media platforms. Since Facebook prefers native content, sharing YouTube links on it will cause your content to rank lower. On the other hand, Google’s search rankings are configured to promote YouTube videos in the search results.

Optimize the site for mobile search

Google is bringing about a significant change in its search algorithm. If your firm’s website is not optimized for mobile search, you could be missing out on your rankings. It is the time that you optimize your website for the mobile first index. Sites with a better mobile experience are getting indexed better on Google. You can use Google’s page speed index to ensure your site loads properly on mobile. By switching your blog over to the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), you can see your site loading faster. Optimizing the keywords of your site for voice search can maximize your site’s chances for being found on the mobile.

Meet the needs of millennials effectively

While millennials study about your law firm, they are bent upon getting answers to their queries rather quickly. By making your site available on all channels, you can provide them with instant gratification. If you take longer than 5 minutes to respond to them, there will be a 10x decrease in the chances of creating contact with a lead from this group. Go for automated tools like chatbot that can simplify processes like screening the incoming leads, booking appointments, and answering questions.

Get a customer-centric content

Customer-centric content is the need of the hour, especially for law firms. Content marketing in some form is highly needed for law firms. Very few firms today focus on such efforts which leads to a lot of content, but a severe lagging in showing it. Produce every piece of material with the target customer in mind. Studies show that relevant and engaging content will make more than 82 % of the customers feel more connected to a brand.

Social proof

Social proof has become the most critical factor in influencing the decision of the millennials. It is natural for the majority of the millennials to trust in the experiences of others while guiding their choices. That is why we find the online reviews found on Google and Amazon highly influential in promoting sales. Over 70% of the people are willing to trust the reviews of someone they never knew. Websites that have included customer reviews are the one that is most likely to sell their goods and services better.

Social responsibility

This term refers to the initiative of a firm to contribute to the environmental or social wellbeing of society. A vast majority of millennials estimated to be about 81% strongly believe that companies must make a commitment to the public for the betterment of the communities. Think of activities like sponsoring a local youth team, conducting your own canned food drive or organizing for community events. It is imperative to display your keenness in civic engagement so that your firm is recognized and you stay at the limelight. All such efforts will make the audience feel that working with you is a real value.

Why must law firms induct millennial lawyers now?

Jordan Furlong, a legal industry analyst, says, “What’s becoming more apparent to me is that law firms need millennial lawyers a lot more than millennials need the law firms.” Furlong adds, “They might not think they do, but every day, we get closer to an entire generation of rainmakers and relationship partners and corner-office heavyweights shifting into retirement.”

While the generation called as baby boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964 are moving to the verge of retirement, law firms are bound to face a severe leadership vacuum. The generation known as Gen Xers born between 1965 and 1980s cannot fill this gap alone. Marcie Borgal Shunk, founder Tilt Institute, the law firm consultancy says, “The millennial generation and the baby boomer generation are both much larger than Generation. The millennials ultimately will be the ones to spearhead the industry into its evolution. Whatever new law is going to look like, it’s going to be the millennials leading it.”