How to install the developer beta of iOS 15

How to install the developer beta of iOS 15

In its much-anticipated WWDC session on Monday, June 7th, Apple introduced a load of new features for its upcoming update of its iOS mobile operating system: iOS 15. The developer’s beta is now available for anyone who’d like to download it — and who is a registered developer.

First, the obligatory warning: this version of iOS 15 is going to be very new and very beta. If you’re a developer, you know all this, but it’s worth repeating: it’s best to install this on a phone that isn’t the one that you rely on. In addition, remember that Backups Are Your Friend.

  • You can find the developers beta of iOS 15 on Apple’s Developers Website. You will, of course, have to sign in (we’re assuming you’ve paid your $99 for a developer’s account). You…

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