How to Get the Most Out of New Year’s Resolutions

How to Get the Most Out of New Year’s Resolutions

The holiday season comes inevitably comes with a host of traditions that we follow each year only out of habit. The most notorious of these is the New Year’s resolutions. We all make them, and we all break them. While we may not always see these far-fetched plans though there’s something compelling about our collective decision to better ourselves at the same time, however, good intentions are often blocked by poor planning. This year, use these tips to make sure you meet your 2019 goals.

Be Reasonable

Around 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail—but it doesn’t have to be that way! The first step in creating successful resolutions is taking a step back and considering the habits you already have. Is pressuring yourself to go to the gym five days a week truly feasible when it’s been six months since your last visit? Part of being reasonable is making compromises with yourself, and if a resolution seems drastically different from your current behavior, it probably won’t work out. Instead, work on finding a middle ground; for this example, it would be best to increase your gym visits to once a month. Or resolve never to step foot in a gym again whichever works for you.

Start Small

Not every resolution has to be a grand gesture of self-righteousness, and little changes can add up to become just as important as large ones. A great question to ask yourself is: if there’s one thing I could change right now, what would it be? Maybe you want to change your hairstyle and resolve not to wear a slick ponytail every day. Or, you may notice how your cute-but-not-so-functional stilettos are creating a blister on the bottom of your foot; your New Year’s resolution could be to invest in a pair of stylish flats—or four—and wear heels less often (we’ll tackle spending less money on shoes next year). Resolving small discomforts in your life will also clear your head to deal with more significant issues. Everyone can think a little more clearly without a ponytail-induced headache.

 Pair Up

No one holds you more accountable than someone in need of fulfilling the same resolutions as you. Grab a friend, neighbor, coworker, boss, or pet and get to work! These partnerships will only work if both of you are transparent about your progress and feelings and if you’re willing to listen in return. Bonus points if you and your partner are somewhat opposites because this keeps the flow of tips and strategies fresh! Even though you may not think to hide cash under your mattress for a rainy day, your elderly neighbor has been doing this for years! So long savings accounts!

Hope for The Best, Prepare for The Worst

Above all, be kind to yourself during this process. Teaching yourself a new habit is difficult and takes constant work (who believes the 21 days rule, anyway?). It’s one hundred percent okay to miss a day of your resolution. Sometimes, you won’t know whether a change will work for you until you try it. If you hope to bake more often and end the year with a pie that rivals Rachel Ray’s, great! Invite me over! But, if your Great British Bake Show ended more like Brexit, that’s fine too. Maintaining strict New Year’s resolutions are just as cliché as saying “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Half the fun is not knowing whether they’ll work out or not. Right?


Happy Holidays from Team Mamizi!