How to dress to land the job of your dreams

How to dress to land the job of your dreams

Creating the best first impression is crucial to success in your career. The first thing that your contacts and prospective employers will see is your attire, its colors, style and fit. A good dress helps to present yourself practically to your audience and professional circles. When it comes to interviews, the clothing you select is an indicator to your employers on how seriously you take the meeting. The better your dress is, the better are the chances of you being considered seriously in your profession and employment.

Why must you focus on the dress for success

Though we can talk about the general guidelines regarding dressing for success and a more considerable acceptance, the line separating what appropriate and inappropriate clothing is still not definable to the core. The founder of a startup company can even run a successful business while wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Nevertheless, this attire will be frowned upon in a larger establishment. Perfecting your dress code is a sure way to dress appropriately for your office, it is also a royal road to success in your career and profession.

Dress guidelines for success

  •  Ensure your clothing is professional and conservative. Always go for styles that have got satisfactory feedback from knowledgeable people. If you target or belong to a particular industry, follow the industry standards or the exclusive company policy.
  • Make sure that you wear clean clothes that are well-fitting and pressed well.
  • Dark and conservative shoes are always preferable over the other options. Clean and polish the shoes before wearing.
  • Your clothing accessories must complement your dress and not contradict its theme leading to distraction.
  • Keep the perfumes and jewels to the most minimum levels.
  • Less is always more when it comes to dressing. You must appear simple and classy till you get familiar with the dress codes of the environment you belong to.

Stay inspired

When the seasonal change hits you, it is the perfect time to apply the pause button and gather the right kind of inspiration from the newer trends around you. During the change of season, you must be on the lookout for the natural style reset that comes about everywhere around you. 

Choose your fashion

Though you must always derive the inspiration from the world around you, you must understand that not all trends will suit all people. You must ensure that the dress code you pick up resonates with your emotions and good sense. This approach to dressing is a good going that will put you on the right track.

Evaluate your innate color choices

Follow your natural color crushes that are embedded deep into your consciousness. Color is an excellent way to update your wardrobe. However, it is not that easy to get out of the rut you will be in when you have to choose the dresses to wear. Find out your neutral. Always believe in rooting your wardrobe in the neutral that you deem will suit you the best. This approach is a sure way to optimize your dress code versatility. If you feel black is not for you, then you might be a grey, brown or navy woman. Some people prefer seasonal colors. Pick up at least one or two new clothes during the seasonal change, and it will go a long way to update your styles and fashions appropriately.

Create space to accommodate the new

Before going shopping, you must take stock of what you already have. If there is something you have not worn during the last year, donate or give them away. When the closet is pared down, it can simplify the process of dressing every morning.

Always shop strategically

Once you have identified the gaps in your wardrobe, you must clarify your intent for shopping. This will help you avoid over-shopping as well as help you sport stylistic and fashionable looks that is also widely accepted and appreciated.

Equip yourself with the right accessories

If possible, it is always advisable to invest in the right clothing accessories since they can help complete your looks. Shoes, handbags, and outerwear are some items on this list. When you pair up less expensive apparel with an awesome pair of shoes, you can achieve elevated looks. The same logic applies to outerwear and handbag.

Give more importance to comfort and personal taste

When you have an upcoming meeting or presentation, never get obsessed with conforming to a standard dress code. Always believe in the saying that comfort breeds confidence. Wearing what you feel comfortable is more important than copying a standard artificially that will rob your ability to stay natural. The bottom line is this. It is more important to show yourself up as a confident individual best in the circle you belong to.