How To Be The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

How To Be The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

Despite the great achievements made by women, there is still much progress to be made. For instance men are encouraged to be assertive, but when women display the same qualities, they are considered ‘bossy’ and ‘rude.’ To break these stereotypes, it’s necessary for women entrepreneurs to harness their skills to create a strong business. Here are some tips for women to perfect the entrepreneur in them, and claim the space they duly deserve in the world of business.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Using the word ‘just’ in a sentence can undermine the importance of its content. When you say, “This is just the idea I have been working on for the past six months” the impact is much less intense than saying, “This is my new idea, I’ve been working on it for the past six months and I’m very proud of it.” If you use words that undermine your brand, other people’s reactions will cause you to undermine yourself. Choosing your words wisely to maximize your brand’s presence is a key to success.

Stop Over-apologizing

If you are constantly apologizing, it undermines the great work that you are doing. It gives a feeling that you do not believe in what you are presenting, and that you lack self-confidence.  To overcome this communication pitfall, state your opinion boldly and do not apologize for following your dreams. Some people may be taken aback by your ability to speak so clearly and confidently, but it will definitely take you and your career far.

Use Your Body Language

Observe how you position yourself during an important meeting. Slouching, avoiding eye contact, folding your arms, and fidgeting can be signs that say you feel insecure. Remember, body language can convey more than what our words can. It is important to see that your body language reflects what you have in your mind. Experts advise women entrepreneurs to stand like a superhero: shoulders down and back with a strong chest. Assuming this posture before an important meeting can trigger some hormonal changes and enhance your levels of self-confidence.

Presentation Matters

When speaking about your business plans, try not to make your statements sounds like a question. You will appear like you are not confident about what you are saying. It might also mean that you are expecting the listener to validate your sentence. Presenting information is a cool, calm, and steady manner creates a sense of confidence. This is a component of becoming a great entrepreneur who is clear in what she wants, and how to achieve it.

Feel Comfortable Sharing Your Accomplishments

Often times, it can be very difficult to talk about your accomplishments. Out of the fear of being labeled conceited, women tend to hide their achievements, and deflect compliments. Though you shouldn’t shout your achievements from the rooftop, it is necessary to bring highlight them when the situation requires it. This can be important when trying to gain traction for your business, or negotiating deals. Also, never allow others to take credit for your accomplishments.

It’s Okay To Say No

When starting your own business, it is important to put yourself and your brand first. If you tend to say ‘yes’ all the time, especially to projects that distract from your business, chances are that you will begin to spread yourself thin. Always being a “people please-r” causes problems, try not to worry whether you will disappoint others or not. Before taking on another project, consider whether you have the bandwidth to fulfill the request and if you really want to do it. As an entrepreneur you should perfect the art of delegating tasks and setting priorities.